I want to set a path in @INC, as script is failing to locate perl module. Requirement is that , i cannot include the module path in the script directly. So , i am thinking to add module path directly in @INC. Is there a way i can do that.

I have tried to edit ~/.bash_profile , ~/.bashrc as well. But its not adding the path in @INC.


There are various ways:

  • call as perl -Ipath script.pl
  • call as PERL5OPT=path script.pl
  • globally set export PERL5OPT=path in .profile or PERL5OPT=path in .pam_environment (affects other scripts too)

I found the simple soultion of it.

push(@INC,/path) or unshift(@INC,'/path)

Second method : use lib "/path" in file itself.

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