What an hour of Googling bring out that mainstream Linux kernel bugs are being logged in two distinct systems:

Mailing list

This is the Linux kernel development discussion and bug reporting mailing list.

The mailing list is archived by a number of services, e.g.


This is the Kernel Tracker system (based on Bugzilla) for posting bugs against the mainline Linux kernels (not distribution kernels).

Distributions, e.g. Ubuntu have their own bug tracker which may be set to track upstream bugs.

I wonder that,

  • Are the bugs reported on the either of the services synced back to the other?
  • Assuming that the mailing list and the bugzilla are not mirrors of each other (i.e. those are independent and bugs are not synced), how do Linux developers coordinate between the bugs reported across services?
  • Isn't it inconvenient to refer to the bugs reported to mailing list later on due to not having any bug ID? (I understand that one can refer by a mailing archive URL, however doesn't look professional IMO)
  • Should a new bug be reported to any one of the services or both?

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This is really a very very partial answer, but at least in the netdev mailing list (for the networking subsystem), there are sometimes messages about bugs reported in bugzilla; these messages are sent to the netdev mailing list, with cc to potential owners of the code, for example: http://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg351687.html

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