Lets say in my Debian PC have 2 users called cat and dog.

I want to use sudo setup to give dog's privileges to cat. So cat can do what dogs do.

I'm new to sudo stuff but I tried below config. It gives below error when cat trying to access dog's file.


cat ALL=(dog) ALL


Sorry, user cat is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/vim /home/dog/test.txt' as root on debian.

test.txt file is own by dog and permissions are rw-r--r--

Can someone help...

  • Show the command for the error. – ctrl-alt-delor Jun 29 '16 at 7:39

Just figured out the problem.

When you giving privileges from other then the root user, then you need to specify user at the sudo command.

See below example:

This command run by cat and it works.

sudo -u dog vim /home/dog/test.txt

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