I would like to learn how to use the info pages - i.e. the documentation for GNU programs.
If I run info from a terminal, the info program launches

File: dir,      Node: Top,      This is the top of the INFO tree.

This is the Info main menu (aka directory node).
A few useful Info commands:

  'q' quits;
  '?' lists all Info commands;
  'h' starts the Info tutorial;
  'mTexinfo RET' visits the Texinfo manual, etc.

however if I type h I get a man page for info, not the info tutorial. How can I launch the tutorial?


You can try starting from the command line with info info. Also, my info accepts H to enter the tutorial.

  • oh man this is embarassing, I tried it now and yes H works. I tried lower case h and Ctrl-h but not upper case! – the_velour_fog Jun 29 '16 at 6:55
  • yes, it is silly they dont mention H on the first page, but only h. – meuh Jun 29 '16 at 6:57

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