After I ran Dolphin, I noticed that two new mounts, like dev/sda1 for windows NTFS and dev/sdd1 have appeared in my system. Where are they defined? It is not surprise that I could not find them in /etc/fstab.

It is curious to know particularly if I do not lose these devices if install new version of Fedora.


Dolphin makes use of the Solid namespace to detect devices. As long as you have the correct drivers installed for your disks, they should still be discovered even after an upgrade to a new version of Fedora. You can use lscpi to check the drivers or have a look at this StackExchange answer for some other tips. Though as far as I know, drivers aren't typically dropped unless they are for older hardware that's no longer relevant. /etc/fstab just shows devices that have been set to be mounted automatically at boot time though. You can get a more complete list of available devices by running fdisk -l with elevated privileges (either via root or sudo) if you have it. Otherwise, I would take a look at this StackExchange answer for some other options to check available disks.

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