I reinstalled the Ubuntu boot-loader one day, and it showed an entry for Manjaro, but it kernel panicked on boot.

After re-running the Manjaro installer, the kernel was fixed, but GRUB ignored Ubuntu.

I recently installed OpenSUSE and the same predicament is occurring again; so how would I go about fixing this kernel panic without having to reinstall GRUB2?

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That is possibly considered as a bug, but for Manjaro perhaps it is a feature, making Manjaro the prefered boot OS for your system. A panic situation occurs when it gets upset by another installer.

I remember hearing on the Linux Luddites podcast that the Manjaro installer does something similar to this, perhaps on purpose.

It is directly addressed by the Majaro team, here, in a very involved discussion, which doesn't seem quite resolved, even yet.

You have to restore GRUB in one way or another (for just a couple of examples), after installation, if you do not like this behavior.

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