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I'm using "delorean-dark-theme.3.8" (wich support gtk2 and 3) on xfce, all xfce gtk2 and some gtk3 apps looks great Xfburn xfce app

but some gtk3 apps especially gnome apps looks terrible button backgrounds and spacing between menu bar items are messed up gnome gtk3 app running on xfce 4.12

gtk2 version: 2.24.30-2 gtk3 version: 3.20.6-1

I tried some other themes but i'm still getting same result so why spacing is messed up?

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GTK 3.20 made some significant changes to the way that themes are handled. Unfortunately, the Delorean theme has not been updated to support GTK 3.20. You need to use a theme that is GTK 3.20 compliant like the Vertex or Arc themes (or petition the Delorean theme author to make the theme GTK 3.20 compliant).

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