I am working on a cloud based linux server and, sadly, I need to install the android SDK.

It seems that the android SDK developers don't really recognize any OS that does not include a gui, as it seems virtually impossible to get the SDK installed without one.

If anyone can give instructions that can be executed on a red hat family OS with NO GUI I would hugely appreciate that. developer.android.com does not seem to offer any documentation for this at all.

Again, I am on a linux machine (not a mac) and there is no gui. That means running scripts that require a gui is not a good answer for this question. Please don't ask why my linux installation does not have and will never have a gui.

Is it possible to install the android SDK on this machine at all???

I do have the following, but these don't seem to be what I need. Please give me a clue.

[root /]# ls ./opt/android-sdk-linux/docs/sdk
1.0_r1  1.1_r1  1.5_r2  1.6_r1    download.html  index.html  older_releases.html    RELEASENOTES.html  terms_body.html  win-usb.html
1.0_r2  1.5_r1  1.5_r3  api_diff  images         installing  OLD_RELEASENOTES.html  support_api_diff   terms.html

[root /]# ls ./opt/android-sdk-linux/docs/tools/sdk
eclipse-adt.html  ndk  preview  tools-notes.html

You can make the installation on a machine with a GUI and transfer the files.

But If you want to run the installer on the GUI-less server, you can do it. You will need to install all the libraries required by the installation program. This does not mean installing a GUI, just whatever libraries are required, some of which might be about GUI elements. Run the installation program over an SSH session with remote display (ssh -X, making sure that you have authorized X11 forwarding in the server configuration (/etc/sshd_config containing X11Forwarding yes)).

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