I installed a new SLES 12 SP1 VM from the scratch with memcached from https://memcached.org/.

My question: On SLES 12 the /etc/init.d/<service> notation has gone. It is now provided by the program service name flags. How can I add memcached to the service list so it is also seen by YAST and set the runlevel in order memcached is started when the VM starts.


Hm, it was easier than I thought:

  1. In the build memcached-1.4.27/script directory there is the file memcached.service
  2. Copy this into the /usr/lib/systemd/system directory which contains all service files.
  3. Create in the /etc/sysconfig directory the environment file memcached - as referenced in memcached.service with the following content in order YAST and the system can start memcached:

Example of the memcached file:


That's it. Open YAST, search for memcached and enable it.

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