How do I limit the number of mod_mono_service process instances to match the number of Apache server processes started up at Ubuntu 16.04 reboot time?

The way to specify the number of Apache server processes started up at Ubuntu 16.04 reboot time is to place the StartServers directive in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.

Using the answer I saw in this Stack Overflow article, [Limiting number of processes by name, I already tried setting MaxConnections in my systemd directory's apache.service file shown directly below.

Description=Apache service



The reason I want to do this is to avoid using the extra CPU and RAM memory resources consumed by extra mod_mono_service process instance(s).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


After reading the C source code for mod_mono.c in GitHub, I found that it is the Linux system programmer's responsibility to specify the creation of the correct number of mod_mono_server4 process instances.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the Linux system programmer to make sure that the matching of each specific mod_mono_server instance with an unique apache2 process is correct.

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