I use Linux Deploy to run desktop Linux distributions on my Android devices. The way it works is the I start the system in the LD app, and then I go to VNC Viewer on the same device to get a GUI.

Now, suppose if I wanted to access this same Linux installation from my laptop (OS X). Could I use a VNC client to connect directly from there?

I don't mean having a second VNC connecting from Android to OS X.

I mean connecting the VNC hosted by Linux Deploy directly to a recipient client on OS X.

Is it possible to do it via a USB cable? And is that faster than connecting both the Android device and the laptop to the same WiFi network?

Is it possible to host a hotspot with the Android device, connect the laptop to it and then do VNC over that?

Obviously the connection should happen locally, not over the Internet.

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Yes, it worked out of the box. I hosted a hotspot with my phone, connected my laptop to that WiFi, and the VNC client on OS X could connect just like that.

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