I am using Arch Linux with GNOME 3.20. I am trying to get a network manager applet (tray-icon) using which I could easily connect to WiFi networks.

I installed networkmanager and network-manager-applet but I am not getting any tray icon.

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As I found that this is a commen problem and has less resources to look for a step-by-step solution, I thought it would be helpful for new users if I share how I solved this problem.

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Initial Requirements


Check the configuration of your /etc/hosts file, a valid configuration looks like this:

        #<ip-address>    <hostname.domain.org>    <hostname>      localhost.localdomain    yourHostname
        ::1            localhost.localdomain    yourHostname


You can identify your networking-devices like this:

$ lspci | grep -i net

If your device is not listed, it is maybe an usb-device, so try this command:

$ lsusb 

With the following command you can check the current state of all your network-devices:

$ ip link

Installation of Required tools

Install the wpa_supplicant tools

$ sudo pacman -S wpa_supplicant

Install the wireless tools

$ sudo pacman -S wireless_tools

Install the networkmanager

$ sudo pacman -S networkmanager

Install the network-manager-applet aka nm-applet

$ sudo pacman -S network-manager-applet

Install gnome-keyring

$ sudo pacman -S gnome-keyring


Make the networkmanager start on boot:

$ sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service

Disable dhcpcd

Since networkmanager wants to be the one who handles the dhcpcd related stuff, you have to disable and stop dhcpcd:

 $ sudo systemctl disable dhcpcd.service
 $ sudo systemctl disable [email protected]
 $ sudo systemctl stop dhcpcd.service
 $ sudo systemctl stop [email protected]

Enable wpa_supplicant, if you want to use your wireless connection:

 $ sudo systemctl enable wpa_supplicant.service

Add your user to the network group:

 $ gpasswd -a <USERNAME> network

Turn off network interface controllers:

Turn off your network interface controllers, in my case eth0 and wlan0:

 $ ip link set down eth0
 $ ip link set down wlan0

Now start wpa_supplicant:

 $ sudo systemctl start wpa_supplicant.service

Now Start the networkmanager:

 $ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

Now you should See the tray-icon on the top bar

enter image description here

If you get an error about unreachable D-Bus, just ignore it. If the networkmanager is not running and network-manager-applet does not show up in your upper GNOME3 panel, try this:

$ sudo Networkmanager
$ nm-applet

  • FYI this also worked for getting plasma-nm to work with KDE. THANK YOU. Commented Nov 21, 2017 at 14:03
  • works for XFCE too!!
    – user254419
    Commented Jan 1, 2018 at 18:00

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