Please, can someone share with me, or show me the script for Linux command to read from a file until EOF and compute the square of all numbers read. The result of this computation must be stored in an output file.

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    This site is designed for people to help others, not to do the work for them. You are expected to make sufficient effort in solving it yourself. I would probably do it with a for num in... and use expr for the calculation, redirecting its output to the proper file (>>output). Now that you have 80% of the work done, can you complete it? – Julie Pelletier Jun 26 '16 at 5:11
$ echo 3.14 >> /tmp/numbers
$ echo 2 >> /tmp/numbers
$ echo 4.0 >> /tmp/numbers

$ awk '{print $1 * $1}' < /tmp/numbers
$ awk '{print $1 * $1}' < /tmp/numbers > /path/to/OutputFile

Using ksh93 and bc as a compute service, assuming the file numbers contain one number on each line:

bc -l |&

while read num; do
    print -p "$num * $num"
    read -p sqr
    printf '%g*%g = %g\n' "$num" "$num" "$sqr"
done <numbers

kill "$bc_pid"

The equivalent thing in bash:

coproc bc -l

while read num; do
    printf '%g * %g\n' "$num" "$num" >&"${COPROC[1]}"
    read sqr <&"${COPROC[0]}"
    printf '%g*%g = %g\n' "$num" "$num" "$sqr"
done <numbers

kill "$bc_pid"

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