I downloaded a fresh kernel that I'm planning on using in a VM. In the instructions of the tutorial I'm using, I'm told

You will also need to build a new instance of the kernel, and ensure that it will boot in the VM. To do this, move to your source tree, copy config-3.14.26-yocto-qemu to $SRC_ROOT/.config (where $SRC_ROOT is the root of your linux tree), and run make -j4 all.

I did that by

  • cd linux-yocto-3.14 to go to the root of the linux tree
  • mkdir .config to make the configuration folder that didn't exist in this brand new kernel
  • copying config-3.14.26-yocto-qemu from outside the kernel into /.config
  • While at the root of the kernel, executing make -j4 all

My concern is that after this step, the guide says it'll take about 5-minutes or so to build and that I can simply just leave it to do its thing; I thought the point of the config file was to build the kernel for me. Instead, I get prompted with the typical kernel build setup screen where I have to go through every single option to build the kernel. Did I do something wrong?


You should not have done the mkdir .config; you should have just copied the existing config file to a filename called .config in the kernel source directory.


cd linux-yocto-3.14
cp /path/to/config-3.14.26-yocto-qemu .config
make -j4 all
  • The reason why I was doing mkdir .config is because when I'd go inside the Yocto folder and ls .config, it would spit out ls: cannot access .config: No such file or directory so I didn't think the folder existed. I did as you wrote and it worked! Thanks :] – 8protons Jun 26 '16 at 19:34

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