I have a file path.txt with the path to a file(say a txt file):


I want to extract the path i.e the string from beginning to the last occurrence of / (since the number of folder in path may vary).

I want to get:


Which would be the best choice: sed/awk/perl/vi and how?


If you want to use one of those tools you mentioned, you can do it with sed:

echo "/Folder/F1/F2/F3/F4/.../Fn/abc.txt" | sed "s/\/[^/]*$//"
sed -i "s/\/[^/]*$//" path.txt

If you are in bash, you can use Bash parameter expansion for this:

path=$(cat path.txt)
echo "${path%/*}"

And as mentioned by ikkachu you can use dirname.


basename and dirname print the last and all-but-last parts of a filename given as argument, so:

$ dirname "/Folder/F1/F2/F3/F4/.../Fn/abc.txt" 

(or from a file: dirname "$(< pathname.txt)" )

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