I started using Eclipse IDE with Linux Mint. I have darkened Ambiance theme and Eclipse looks extremely ugly and painful to eyes. And it seems I cannot change that white color of file browser background and Eclipse sides... enter image description here

I have tried to install different theme - Nodoka Midnight. Istalled it via Synaptic. No help - some error and that white color is still there. enter image description here

I have tried to use gnome-color-chooser, but I cannot find an option to change. Many people ask how to change color of tooltips, but they are just fine for me.

Internal Eclipse themes affect only it`s text editor. I have restarted Eclipse and Linux - no change. But I feel that color setting is somewhere near.

How do I change that white color and where?

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  • I will repeat it here. The problem is solved. In both applications colors are changed inside their own settings, but in not obvious places. Caja: Edit -> Backgrounds and emblems -> Colors Eclipse: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance (Not color theme!) That`s it. P.S. If there was an solution on black on black and white on white in browser, satisfaction would be complete. – TheKitMurkit Jun 25 '16 at 9:57

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