I do this in BASH

echo test "$1"

..expecting to get..

test test

..but I get..


Is this something possible to do? It would make my life easier since having a list files I could do something like mv a/b/test.py proj_copy/$1

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    echo test{,} ? – 123 Jun 24 '16 at 10:52

You can use history expansion

$ echo test !#:^
echo test test
test test

$ echo a/b/test.py proj_copy/!#:^
echo a/b/test.py proj_copy/a/b/test.py
a/b/test.py proj_copy/a/b/test.py

The entire command line typed so far.

The first argument

You could also use brace expansion

$echo test{,}
test test

$echo {,proj_copy}/a/b/test.py
/a/b/test.py proj_copy/a/b/test.py

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