Gtune i5900

Generic 101-key PC works fine, but the left button beside number 1 is not backquote(`)/tilde(~), and shift+2 is not at(@) ,i kinda miss those buttons.


All praise Wikipedia, it seems to be Japanese with Hiragana keys.

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According to IBM, that is likely a japanese 106-key layout.

If you use the X server and want to type in characters that are not available on the keyboard (eg. Unicode characters that you use regularly) or if you want to change the mapping of a character to another key (eg. have '@' on Shift+2), you can use the xmodmap command (you can use xmodmap -pke to get the currently used mapping).

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  • In terms of physical layout, there are 107 keys in the photograph in front of us. One can count them. ☺ In terms of what software sees, this is to the operating system a 109-key keyboard, with the two extra "Super" (a.k.a. "GUI" a.k.a. "Windows") keys, and the various Japanese "Intl" and "Lang" keys. One of the logically present "Super" keys is physically missing, however, and some of those software-visible 109 keys (such as Scroll Lock) are doubled up onto existing physical keys. – JdeBP Jun 23 '16 at 4:14

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