Ok, so I've been googling this for almost a week now...without any luck. When I open the Keyboard settings pane, the options are only limited to (ones that have "Space" in them) Alt+Space and Super+Space - there is no Ctrl+Space

I've found a couple of answers, non of which seem to work.

First one is to install the xfce4-xkb-plugin (which I already had installed), then set "use system default" flag in the Keyboard settings pane, after which use plugin Properties to set the languages and shortcuts. Doesn't work - the Properties pane only has options on how the pane item looks...that's it

Number two is this line:

-option grp:ctrl_space_toggle,grp_led:scroll en,ru

Doesn't work either. If I put this in my .Xmodmap file, there is an error and the file isn't parsed anymore.

I give up on searching, but I really need this, as it's a long time reflex. Please help me set Ctrl+Space as a shortcut to change layout. (I use Arch Linux if that makes any difference)

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