Original path, RootFolderI:

RootFolderI/FolderA/Subfolder1/Subsub1/JPG1.jpg -> want this jpg
RootFolderI/FolderA/Subfolder2/Subsub1/JPG2.jpg -> want this jpg
. . .
RootFolderI/FolderB/Subfolder1/Subsub1/JPG4.jpg -> want this jpg
RootFolderI/FolderB/Subfolder2/Subsub1/JPG5.jpg -> want this jpg

There are many folders FolderA/B/C/etc, but the structure of folders inside is always the same (except the files, they are different)

I want to copy to RootFolderII:

  • only all the FolderA/B/etc
  • all the files in Subsub1

...Resulting is this new path, RootFolderII:

RootFolderII/FolderA/ with JPG1.jpg, JPG2.jpg
RootFolderII/FolderB/ with JPG4.jpg,JPG5.jpg

I've got at the moment the following code (but it's not working):

rsync -r --include='Folder*/Subfolder1/Subsub1/***' --exclude="/*/*/" /RootFolderI/ /RootFolderII/


--exclude="/*/*/" : creates FolderA/B/... -> working

--include='Folder*/Subfolder1/Subsub1/***' : i want to copy all files (not the structure) ... -> it's not working

??? well, I think that even if it was working, it would copy files from FolderB to FolderA, and I don't want that!

  • How do we identify which files you do want, and which you don't? (i.e. why don't you want JPG3.jpg?) – roaima Aug 3 '16 at 12:29
  • 1
    I don't want files from all "Subsub2" folders. Inside FolderA/B/C/etc the structure/naming of folders is the same. Only the files are different – blocnt Aug 3 '16 at 12:34

Give this a shot.

rsync -r --include='*.jpg' --exclude="*" /RootFolderI/Folder*/Subfolder1/Subsub1/. /RootFolderII/.
  • thanks. The problem is that I need to create that middle "Folder*" too (FolderA/B/etc) , and I need those jpg files in the right "Folder*". – blocnt Jun 22 '16 at 14:16
  • I'm not sure how you'd accomplish that. with a single rsync command. I would use a for loop. Something like for DIR in /RootFolderI/Folder*;do rsync -r --include='*.jpg' --exclude="*" ${DIR}/Subfolder1/Subsub1/. $(basename ${DIR})/.;done – Zachary Brady Jun 22 '16 at 15:24

What I did:

  • rsync with includes and excludes

  • Move files up (2level up)

    find /folder/ -type f -mindepth 3 -execdir mv -t ../../ -- {} +
  • Delete empty folders

    find /folder/*/ -type d -empty -delete

I don't think I would use rsync for this task. (There's no delta algorithm, so little to be gained by using it.) Here's a version using cp:

for rfipath in RootFolderI/*
    mkdir -p "RootFolderII/$folder"
    cp -p "$rfipath"/*/Subsub1/* "RootFolderII/$folder"



If you really want to use rsync, replace the cp line with this. It'll gain you the modification times for the directories:

for folder in RootFolderI/*
    rsync -a "$folder"/*/Subsub1/ "RootFolderII/${folder/*\/}"

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