I have installed and run VPN server (SoftEther) on my Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspbian) and it works fine except the fact that my PI works not only as VPN server but offers other services (SAMBA, FTP, APACHE, MYSQL) and I cannot access these services after I connect to VPN server.

In VPN Settings I have configured the bridge to eth0 so VPN machines get the IP addresses from router - and it works fine.

I have access to internet, to all other machines in my LAN/VPN (192.168.0.*) including router (, I can even access to my PI using public address (router forwards it back to PI) but I cannot access PI using its internal eth0 address (

Other devices in my LAN have access to my VPN connected machine, my VPN machine have access to other devices in LAN but not directly to PI.

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