Values of a specific parameter (for example, blkio.throttle.write_bps_device) for all devices are stored in a single file. echo "$MAJOR:$MINOR $LIMIT" > blkio.throttle.write_bps_device inserts/updates a value to $LIMIT. It does not clear the file, as you might think. So I see no way to delete a value. Also this configuration interface seems to violate the rule "one item per file."


I had the same problem, and I found that you have to set $LIMIT to 0 to remove that limit:

echo "$MAJOR:$MINOR 0" > blkio.throttle.write_bps_device

This removes the entry from the cgroup. If you then cat blkio.throttle.write_bps_device, you will not see the entry any more.

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