I recently did a clean install of Linux Mint 17.3 with Cinnamon on my machine.

Before the clean install, if I right clicked on a file or folder in nemo, the menu would have a 'create shortcut' option. Now after the clean install, that option isn't there. I've gone through the nemo preferences and I can't find any option to enable it.

After some searching I found out a keyboard shortcut for making file shortcuts in nemo (ctrl+shift+click and drag), but I'd much rather the more intuitive (and memorable) right click menu option.

Similarly, other right click options that are now missing are

  • copy to
    • other pane
    • home
    • Downloads
    • etc
  • move to
    • other pane
    • home
    • Downloads
    • etc

How can I get those options back as well?

I've tried searching through the Nemo preferences, but to no avail.


When you right click the file or folder in Nemo, there will be a + sign at the top. Clicking that will expand the menu and give you the options you want.

For what it's worth, I found this functionality at this link:




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    Yep, that works. I just assumed that + was to change the default 'open with' application, or something like that. – falsePockets Jun 19 '16 at 1:00
  • This doesn't work for creating link. When I want t create a link I want to select (copy) a file, go to destination then create a link. Right now this is more like right click to create a link, copy it, cut it (does nothing) go to the destination paste it (this automatically deletes the link). not intuitive at all – v1nce Sep 16 '17 at 19:56

You can drag the source file(s) over the target folder and press the ALT key (a small question mark appears). When you release the mouse button a pop-up menu appears including 'Link here'.

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