I have a couple of questions: (Sysadmins tasks)

Here is what I asked to do

Create user Tim and add him to the supplementary group Webdev (Create the group if it doesn't exist), also Set Tim's default home directory to /websites - if this directory does not exist, create it.

So here is what I did:

useradd -m -d /websites Tim 
groupadd Webdev
useradd -aG Webdev Tim

I think I did that correctly.

Now for the second task, I am really confused

Apply the same SELinux contexts and permissions to /websites that would be found on a user's /home directory such that Tim and only Tim will have access to /websites

How would I be able to do that ? I mean should the Tim's home directory be /websites anyways ?


First question: Yes. Although you could have used the -G option to add the supplementary group Webdev at account creation time: -G Webdev.

SELinux marks users' home directories as user_home_dir_t. Therefore to set the SELinux context you can use:

# chcon -t user_home_dir_t /websites

Note that if you had another user's home directory as reference, you could also copy it with # chcon --reference=<other home> /website

To set owner (Tim):

# chown Tim: /website

The colon (:) after the username tells chown to set the group ownership to be the same. That is, ls -ld /website will show Tim Tim.

To set permissions:

# chmod 755 /website

755 is the default for home directories on most (all?) systems and translates to rwxr-xr-x.

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