I am running OpenVPN Access Server and I'd like to push a route to every client on connection that is the equivalent of:

sudo ip route add via

Where should I go to set this up (preferably in the OpenVPN AS Web UI)?

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I believe you need to add the following to your server's openvpn.conf file:

push "route"

the restart things.

The default config file has a similar line commented out with a ; as an example.


From the command line, you would simply add the following to your /etc/openvpn/server.conf:

push "route 1"

The configuration is described in more detail here.

But, to answer question about making the change through the OpenVPN AS WebUI, I think you will have use the "Yes, using routing (advanced)" option shown in this document and then make further configuration. As the document notes, the machines you have on the subnet will have to have a route back to the VPN clients, otherwise they will send that traffic back to their default gateway.

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