I just Wondering if we can print the yum parameters without to view the yum configuration files ( by more or cat or vi ... etc)

for example

I configured the variable , in /etc/yum.conf

  installonly_limit = 2

in order to remove the oldest kernel every time a new kernel is installed

can yum print the variables values as installonly_limit ?

  • I don't think so. You would do the best with sed or similar tool. – Jakuje Jun 17 '16 at 21:25

Yes, yum can do that, although you might need the valuable yum-utils package installed.

You can either use yum-debug-dump to print all the internal variables, or you can use a small python script to only print what you need specifically (see this answer at the link below for that) or you can try with yum-config-manager to see if it shows what you need.

More details are provided in the existing question Yum: How can I view variables like $releasever, $basearch & $YUM0?

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