My system takes a long time to boot and looking at dmesg output I found an entry with BNEP (Ethernet Emulation) ver 1.3 that takes around 27 seconds to load.

Does anyone have a clue on how to speed it up or to disable it?

Here is what my dmesg output looks like (Bluetooth isse is on line 844)

EDIT: Output of systemd-analyze blame as GAD3R suggested:

  1m 31.246s openvas-manager.service
      8.827s networking.service
      7.455s dev-sda9.device
      5.675s accounts-daemon.service
      4.958s arpwatch.service
      4.467s redis-server.service

Looking at the output I realized that the problem was with openvas-manager which was probably delaynig the rest of processes and thus the issue was unrelated to the bluetooth service and after removing openvas-service boot time is now back to normal.


You can mask the service to make it imossible to start, using the following command:

systemctl mask unit

To get the exact bluetooth service , run systemd-analyze blame and replace it


The openvas-manager take 1m 31.246s, the right command will be:

systemctl mask openvas-manager.service

If you need to re-enable it you can unmask , enable and start the service.

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