I have a bash script that calls an executable (some commercial software) in "batch mode". On the commandline, if X is available the program runs to completion and then quits, but if not the program hangs. I think this because:

  • It works over VNC
  • It doesn't work over ssh if ssh -X has not been specified.
  • It works over ssh if -X has been specified
  • It doesn't work with Grid Engine. When I qsub the script it just stays on status 'r' indefinitely and I cannot see any output in the .sh.o.XXX or .sh.e.XXX files

The upshot is, I want to submit this script to Grid Engine, but I can't!

The program never asks for user input when in the so-called "batch mode".

Is there some way to provide an X environment in Grid Engine, just to allow the program to complete on its own? I guess one problem is that, since I cannot see the source code, it is difficult to see exactly what the program is asking for.

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  • you might be able to see where it is hanging if you run the binary with strace to see the system calls. – meuh Jun 15 '16 at 8:47

You need Xvfb which is a "headless" X display. Run it somewhere and in your script's env set $DISPLAY to that location.

  • Can you explain why Xvfb would work, but why setting the DISPLAY variable in my qsub script to some VNC server on the head node would not work? – feedMe Jan 11 '17 at 10:05

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