How does nautilus find the icon for a given mimetype? I have just registered a new mimetype for Umlet on my system.

Additionally I added an icon with using:

xdg-icon-resource install --novendor --context mimetypes \
                          --size 64 umlet_logo.png umlet

Then I added Icon= to the .desktop file, which I registered for my mime type. Now nautilus shows the icon in the context menu together with the name of the default application for that mime type.

However the icon of the file itself still shows some generic text-type icon like for normal text files. I would like to change the icon type of my application to this new mime-type.

I found some guides, but they assume I have a svg file and ask me to copy the .svg into some /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable followed by calling gtk-update-icon-cache, I am wondering if there is another solution that:

a) Does not require an svg, but works with png files
b) Does not require that I write into /usr



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