I'm writing a program that uses a Linux command to check if a file exists on the local server.

The program executes a command with a supplied argument

ls *ARG_GOES_HERE* &> /dev/null

and then checks the status if it was able to find the file or not.

The problem is that sometimes the file is not a straight forward path like


Sometimes the image location is stored using the web location

Which fails in the linux command.

Is it possible to check if an image exists on a local apache location using bash?


You can use the curl command to check that the file exists and can be accessed via HTTP. Something like this should work for you:

if curl --head --location --silent --fail "$path_to_file" > /dev/null
    printf "%s exists\n" "$path_to_file"
    printf "%s does not exist\n" "$path_to_file"

The following curl options are used:

  • --head – only fetch the HTTP headers (there’s no need for the body)
  • --location – follow any HTTP redirects
  • --silent – don’t show progress meter or error messages
  • --fail – the curl commands fails with an error status if the HTTP request fails, e.g., if the web server responded with a 404, the curl commands exits with a status of 22 (error) instead of 0 (success).
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    I never thought of using curl, it seems to work perfectly – TheLovelySausage Jun 14 '16 at 14:56

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