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I'd like to use my Raspberry Pi as a home print and scanner server. I successfully made it to half way, installed hplips and cups, we can print now from OSX, Windows, Ubuntu and Android, there's sane/saned and I can scan from the command line.

I'm wondering if there's a way to set it up so that when I push the scan button on my multifunctional device, it saves the scan with default settings and an incremental file name in a folder that's shared with samba.

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Looks like there is a solution for this. It's mentioned and referred here: Can I use the "Scan" button with SANE?

Update as per HalosGhost's comment below:

This can be solved by the scan button daemon, scanbd. The project's homepage can be found at SourceForge and The Home Server Handbook provided a step-by-step guide 4 years ago on how to download the source (plus the required libraries) and compile it, now the whole thing is available in a package. So on Debian, or just as in my case, on Raspbian you just do a:

sudo apt-get install scanbd

Both scanbd and scanbm have a mab page to take the first steps.

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