how to trigger mail with below format by getting df -h /log fS usage

server1 | server 2

75% | 50%

Below are step how i check FS usage manually

login to putty

ssh server1

give the password

issue command df -h /log to get FS usage .

How do it get details from two servers server 1 ans server 2 and send the FS

usage details in mail in below format

server1 | server 2

75% | 50%

  • do you want to do this in a batch script that you run from the windows command line? or do you want it to run automatically? if the former, then your question is off-topic because it's about windows batch files. if the latter, then set up cron jobs on the remote systems to run df -h /log | mail -s "$(hostname -s): df -h /log" you@your.mail.host – cas Jun 12 '16 at 10:35

First of all, you need to remove the requirement to use a password to log into your servers. Use public key based logins instead. Once you've don that, you'll need something like:

$ for host in "server1" "server2" ; do echo $host; ssh $host df --output="ipcent" /tmp | tail -n1 | tr -d " "; done | pr --columns=2  --length=2 | mail bloggs@example.com

should work.

The line loops through both server1 and server2 and runs the command:

echo $host; ssh $host df --output="ipcent" /tmp

on each server in turn. The output of this is simply the server name ($host) followed by the percentage use of the drive containing /tmp, but it has a header, so that is removed by piping it to:

tail -n1

which returns the last line (the percentage). Unfortunately, that is surrounded by whitespace, so that is removed by piping it to:

tr -d " "

At this point, both servers would have been ssh'd, but the output would be something like:


so it is piped into:

pr --columns=2 --length=2

in order to rotate it to the format you requested:

server1     server2
75%         50%

Finally, this is piped into:

mail bloggs@example.com

to email it to bloggs.

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