I installed Android x86 5.1 RC1 in a Notebook. It works fine and I also rebooted the machine successfully. Since yesterday it doesn't boot anymore; I even did a reinstall and deleted all partitions. Partition formatted in ext4. Installed GRUB, but not GRUB2.

When starting it's just saying tGrub >, but I can't even type in a command. How do I fix this?


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You need to reinstall the OS , from the installation menu:

Select Create/modify partition:

Create 2 partitions:

  • Create a small (100m) first primary partition for grub. Set the bootable flag. Write changes.
  • Create an extended (logical) partition for the rest, and install android on the 2nd. Grub will go automatically to the 1st one. Write changes.

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  • How do I set the flags?
    – Standard
    Jun 14, 2016 at 6:39

To see the flags, when doing the partitions it will ask you for the filesystem, press L and then you will have the codes for the filesystem.

BIOS boot filesystem code is EF02 then you are done with the partition.

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