I'm trying to use a bluetooth speaker, but don't get any sound.

bluetoothctl shows the device as paired, trusted, and connected, and lists it as "serial port", "headset", "audio sink", and some others.

pavucontrol shows the speaker as "Output Device". But xfce4-mixer, while showing the speaker in the "Sound card" dropdown, does not allow me to actually select the device. Also, I wonder what device string I have to put into my .quodlibet/config to use the speaker (gst_pipeline = pulsesink device=???).

OS is Debian (stretch/testing).


This quodlibet config entry works:

gst_pipeline = pulsesink device=bluez_sink.AB_AB_AB_AB_AB_AB

Still no way to use the xfce4 mixer nor the volume keys of the laptop.

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