Yesterday I connected to my Developer VM Debian Linux via SSH. I started "Mamute" which is a open source stackoverflow clone etc. As I restarted my machine today I reconnected as root and wanted to restart mamute. So first I wanted to kill the process.

$ ps all

does not show me any process which is the mamute one. But Mamute is still running on a Port 8080 and I can use it.

So what is the magic here? Where can I find that process? I also tried to login as the normal user but no luck there aswell.

  • Try netstat -antp|grep 8080|grep LISTEN to get the PID of the process which listens on port 8080. – Lambert Jun 8 '16 at 9:10
  • Thank you! It worked! But why wasn't the process listed in "ps" ? – xetra11 Jun 8 '16 at 9:19

When you run ps al, it (by default) lists all processes with a controlling terminal (tty). It’s most likely that the process you started was “daemonised” to dissociate it from the terminal you were using when you started it.

If you include the x option, ps lists processes without a controlling terminal, e.g., ps alx displays all processes for all users running on your system. Its output includes the terminal (TTY) associated with each process, using a question mark for daemon processes.

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