I'm trying to enable the CONFIG_PCI option on a custom kernel I work with, but can't find the option. Searching from the menuconfig screen, I see that CONFIG_PCI should be located under the 'Bus Support' menu, and that it depends on CONFIG_MIGHT_HAVE_PCI. Searching for this option gives me the following output:

Symbol: MIGHT_HAVE_PCI [=n]
Type  : boolean                                                        

So, I can't find any of the configurations I'm interested in... Can anyone give me a clue on how to find these ellusive options?


I'm guessing you're working on an ARM kernel (MIGHT_HAVE_PCI is only used for arc and arm). As you noticed, CONFIG_PCI depends on CONFIG_MIGHT_HAVE_PCI; the latter isn't a user-selectable option, it's a setting selected by ARM platforms, via the "ARM system type" option, or specific SoCs or machines, via their own options (e.g. "AT91RM9200" in the Atmel SoCs). You need to choose the appropriate system type, and possibly modify it so that it selects MIGHT_HAVE_PCI. See arch/arm/Kconfig for details.

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