Is there a possibility to compress the contents of a directory in Unix (especially AIX) on the fly, while still being able to read and write in the directory? Like the Windows EFS encryption does?


There are a few options. If you can choose the filesystem of the system, then just use Btrfs filesystem and enable compression for the required directories by using chattr:

chattr +c /myfolder

If choosing the filesystem is not an option, then look into fusecompress https://github.com/tex/fusecompress

Edit: AIX specific solution would be to use JFS1 filesystem with compression which would compress the whole filesystem or use fusecompress mentioned above which works on AIX

  • OP asked especially about AIX, probably best not to suggest Linux-only answers (like btrfs). I think AIX has a FUSE port, though.
    – derobert
    Jun 8 '16 at 7:50

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