I have installed colemakwide(xkb) and would like to keep shortcut like ctrl+s etc. The goal is that all ctrl shortcut behave like QWERTY which I did in windows/klc by have the original vk for the keys. I used the following script to map ctrl+c:

"xdotool key --delay 0 --clearmodifiers ctrl+c" 
Release + m:0x4 + c:54

which works fine to copy/paste and to send sigint in the terminal.

But when I try to map two keys the script stops working of some reason.

"xdotool key --delay 0 --clearmodifiers ctrl+x"
Release + m:0x4 + c:53
"xdotool key --delay 0 --clearmodifiers ctrl+c"
Release + m:0x4 + c:54 

Any thoughts on how to fix that or how to map the ctrl behavior in xkb directly?

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If you have enough privilege to edit files in /usr/share/X11/xkb/ folder, there is a way to do it without xdotool. You need to create a new type where Ctrl moves to level3 a bit like AltGr, and set every alphabetical key to this type.

I answered with more details on this post, it looks similar to what you need.

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