I'm new to crunch. I'm trying to generate a list containing 8 character long words.

I've tried

crunch 8 8 > pw.txt

It freezes my computer because it doesn't have enough space for that.

enter image description here

Is there a way to create a word list based on a certain number/character that I might have use to take less time/space to create ?

possible password


Any hints / suggestions on this will be much appreciated !

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Compressing the crunch output with pxz can save a great deal of space, but the tradeoff is CPU cycles. Here's some output from a run in progress:

crunch 8 8 |       { sleep 1s ; pv -c -N raw ; } | \
    pxz -D 12 -c | { sleep 2s ; pv -c -N cmp ; } > 8letters.txt.xz 
Crunch will now generate the following amount of data: 1879443581184 bytes
1792377 MB
1750 GB
1 TB
0 PB
Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 208827064576 
      raw: 1.11GiB 0:07:41 [15.1MiB/s] [                           <=>   ]
      cmp: 7.14MiB 0:08:18 [   0 B/s] [    <=>                           ]

Note that pv code, which shows the data rate for the raw crunch output, right above the data rate after pxz:

  • It's taking about 7 minutes per GB, which means the job might need nine days to complete.
  • But the compression ratio is consistently better than 100 to 1, so the output file should be less than 17GB.

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