I usually use kubuntu, but I had to install a custom kernel on my laptop and it's a lot easier with arch. The problem is that kde looks terrible in arch, especially the GTK applications. I know there are all sorts of tutorials of installing gnome icons, and various peicewise fixes, but is there a way to find out exactly how kubuntu sets up KDE so I can just duplicate that?

  • Obviously GTK are not part of KDE. You could look at what GTK theme Kubuntu uses, and what theme settings it uses for KDE. – xenoterracide Oct 10 '10 at 20:09

Kubuntu makes many modifications to various applications (e.g., Firefox, OpenOffice), so it is unlikely that there is an easy way to recreate the Kubuntu look on ArchLinux.

That being said, I moved from Kubuntu to ArchLinux and I now prefer the vanilla applications (e.g., OpenOffice looks much better).

One thing that helped a lot in synchronizing the look of gtk applications with KDE was to install qtcurve, a theme that works for both qt (KDE) and gtk (Gnome) apps.

pacman -S qtcurve-gtk2 qtcurve-kde4 gtk-chtheme
# Change the theme for qtcurve

On Arch you should consider installing KDEmod ( from The Chakra Project ) instead of KDE.

Install a minimal KDE4 system:

# pacman -S kdemod-minimal

Alternatively, fetch a richer set of applications:

# pacman -S kdemod

or opt for a fuller set:

# pacman -S kdemod-complete

According to the kdemod wiki, you will need to install this package :

pacman -S kdemod-extragear-gtk-qt-engine

to get a more uniform look for QT and GTK apps.

Also checkout this article.

  • I chose the other answer because I already had KDE installed and configured. So I didn't want to uninstall and reinstall from chakra. +1 though – Falmarri Oct 12 '10 at 8:30

Sadly KDEMod Repositories is no longer active.

Use this now.

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