My app is a jar file that requires some environment variables. I have all the environment variables in one file, which looks like this:

export VAR=value
export VAR2=value2

My supervisor config file looks like this:

command=bash -c "source /path/to/env/file && java -jar /path/to/jar.jar"

ps -ef | grep programname shows two processes on two separate lines: one is bash -c "source blah && java blah" and the other one is just java blah.

Now, here's the problem: whether I do supervisorctl stop programname or service supervisor stop or even kill -9 whatever the supervisor pid is, the first process dies, but the regular java process stays and becomes orphaned, with parent pid now 1. How do I make the jar die without manually killing it?

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    Try adding killasgroup=true. (and stopasgroup=true if you wish). – Mark Plotnick Jun 3 '16 at 15:26

Use exec to replace bash with java:

command=bash -c "source /path/to/env/file && exec java -jar /path/to/jar.jar"

In such a case you will have only one process to kill.

  • This works too, and requires less changes than the other comment. Granted if I kill -9 the supervisor daemon itself it still leaves the jar running, but that's just what happens when you murder a process like that with no warning. – snetch Jun 3 '16 at 16:16

Make the command instead a shell script that replaces itself with the java?

source /i/pity/da/env/foo
exec java ...
  • It's working! I'll wait for a day or two before accepting, though, since this is the first answer. – snetch Jun 3 '16 at 15:21

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