I have several different keyboard maps that I can switch between to my heart's content using:

setxkbmap dvp

Then when I want another one:

setxkbmap ptf

Etc. This works, but I'd rather use the groups function so that I can toggle between them using any of the group toggle bindings. It works just fine if I setup something like:

setxkbmap dvp,ptf -option grp:alt_shift_toggle

By itself, this works. The problem is it screws up the key bindings in my window manager (awesome-wm). I have Win+n bound to a function that minimizes the focused window. After enabling a multi-layout group as above, this binding no longer works. Awesome simply doesn't even see the key. There are at least half a dozen other keys that get snagged, but I can't find any function they are performing or any documentation about this happening. For the record I can still bind other key combinations (for example I can still bind Win+Ctrl+n or even plain n).

What's going on here and how do I make it behave itself?

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