First, I store the pid of an active window.

active_window_pid=$(xdotool getactivewindow getwindowpid)

Second, I click on another window, which is actually function below.

mouse_click     4000 1000

Third, I want to reactivate the previously active window, sadly unsuccessfully.

xdotool search --pid $active_window_pid windowactivate

function mouse_click

    function mouse_click {

            # 1. activate window and wait for sync,
            #    we need to do this before each click,
            #    because the user may have clicked on some other window during the 2 second delay
            # 2. move the mouse cursor to the given position and wait for sync
            # 3. click the left mouse button
            # 4. restore the original mouse cursor position and wait for sync
            # 5. wait for 2 seconds

            xdotool         search --name "window name" windowactivate --sync

            xdotool         mousemove --sync $1 $2 \
                            click 1 \
                            mousemove --sync restore \
                            sleep 2


What did I do wrong this time? Any ideas?


There is a bug in xdotool in some versions at least.

bug string:

Can't consume 1 args; are only 0 available. This is a bug.

bug tracker:

bug workaround:
set --name "whatever"

function activate_window_via_pid {

    # for the chrome browser there are multiple processes,
    # therefore we must pick one of them,
    # the last one seems to work

    window_id=$(xdotool search --pid $1 --name "bug workaround" | tail -1)

    xdotool windowactivate --sync $window_id


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