I am using the following command in a bash script to download files from an ftp server. This command uses the -v option which shows the name of each file being downloaded.

/usr/bin/lftp ftp://$ftpuser:$ftppass@$ftphost -e "$ftpsettings ;
  mirror -v -e $remotemedia $localmedia ; quit"

I need to modify the script, to display a progress bar using whiptail, to show the download progress. This is the progress bar, but I don't know how to make it read the lftp download progress.

    for ((i = 0 ; i <= 100 ; i+=5)); do
        sleep 0.1
        echo $i
} | whiptail --gauge "Downloading file $name..." 6 50 0

How can I do this?


To do a percentage you need to know the total number of files. You can get this from an ls -R inside another lftp, starting at the same directory as your mirror command. I subtracted 2 for "." and ".." in the listing.

let total=$(lftp "ftp://$ftpuser:$ftppass@$ftphost" -e "$ftpsettings ;
   ls -R $remotemedia; quit" | wc -l)-2

You can then read each line output from lftp, and for those beginning "Transferring" you can increment a line counter, calculate the percentage, and use the "XXX" input style that --gauge accepts (XXX, a percent, a title, XXX).

lftp "ftp://$ftpuser:$ftppass@$ftphost" -e "$ftpsettings ;
  mirror -v -e $remotemedia $localmedia ; quit" |

while read word word2 filename
do    if [ "$word" = Transferring ]
      then let count=count+1
           let percent=count*100/total
           echo -e "XXX\n$percent\nDownloading $filename\nXXX"
done |
whiptail --title lftp --gauge progress 10 60 0
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