I'm trying to run nginx as a reverse proxy for Gogs using Docker. First I setup gogs and I can see a web page for it rendered on:

But I want to have NGINX proxy it for me such that I can leave the port (3000) off the URL. The instructions I'm following come from the NGINX section of this tutorial:


In order to get this working with docker I created a nginx-data volume, and placed the nginx configuration file in that volume naming it gogs. My configuration file looks like this:

server {
    listen 80;

    proxy_set_header X-Real-IP  $remote_addr; # pass on real client IP

    location / {

And it's located at the root of the nginx-data volume. I start the nginx container like this:

docker run --name docker-nginx -p 80:80 --net mk1net --ip -v nginx-data:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ -d nginx

Now when I visit I'm expecting to see the Gogs page, but I'm just getting the "Welcome to NGINX" page.






Place the proxy configuration in a file named gogs.conf within the docker volume and map it like this:

docker run --name docker-nginx -p 80:80 --net mk1net --ip -v nginx-data:/etc/nginx/conf.d/ -d nginx


To see how nginx is configured on a default Ubuntu install I installed it sudo apt-get install nginx and took a look at the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf. It includes these two lines at the bottom of the configuration:

include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf;
include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*;

So I compared that to the nginx configuration of the docker container:

docker run --rm -it nginx /bin/ash
root@9475f1693539: cat /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

This configuration only has this line:

include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf;

Hence the configuration from /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ is not included.

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