• OS_X_Extended/Source/
  • FAT32/Destination/

I want to rsync everything from OSX extended to Fat32 directory and delete those files/directories which I deleted from OSX_extended. I would like to maintain the modification time (-t). I look hashes of files (-c), ignoring owners and groups. My proposal

rsync -rtvuc --delete --progress $HOME/Source/ /media/masi/FAT32/Destination/

which also includes .dotFiles in the process.

How can you rsync with modification times two directories in two filesystems?


The command you shared will sync /media/masi/fat32/destinationDirectory/ (destination) on the basis of $HOME/SourceDirectory/ (source) and will delete those which from destination which are in extra in comparison to source.

> --progress  : will show you the process progress
> -r : recursively
> -t  --times : This tells rsync to transfer modification times along with the files and update
>     them on the remote syste
> -c  --checksum This forces the sender to checksum all files using a 128-bit MD4  checksum before transfer
> -u -- update This forces rsync to skip any files for which the destination file already exists and has a date later than the source
> file.

rsync -rtvuc --delete --progress $HOME/SourceDirectory/ /media/masi/fat32/destinationDirectory/
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