I am writing a script to check whether all the servers in my organization are functioning properly. One of those is Zimbra mail server. I am trying to send a mail through sendmail provided by zimbra package using the following command

ssh Jarvice@someip echo "Hello" | /opt/zimbra/postfix- someuser@gmail.com

But I am unable to do so. I think I am making some mistake in the

echo "Hello" | /opt/zimbra/postfix- someuser@gmail.com

part. But I don't know what it is. Can someone tell me the correct way to do so? Since I am doing this through a script, I have made sure that I can ssh without providing the password. I wish to fully automate the process.


Your local shell is dividing your command into ssh ... and /opt/zimbra ..., and then piping the two.

You have to quote the argument to ssh, so your local shell won't try to interpret it and it will be sent to the remote computer in its entirety:

ssh Jarvice@someip "echo \"Hello\" | /opt/zimbra/postfix- someuser@gmail.com"

There are two method to send mails command line from zimbra server based on ZCS Roles.

  1. Send mail from Zimbra MTA
  2. Send mail from mailstore,LDAP,Proxy via Zimbra MTA
/bin/awk ' BEGIN{\
               print "Subject:zimbra backup status (MTA to NAS) !\nFrom:ms2 <admin@knowledgelinux.com>"\
               printf("%s\015\n", $0)\
           }' $LOG | sendmail -t "admin@sahara.in""

For more information see below link http://www.knowledgelinux.com/how-to-send-mail-from-zimbra-command-line/

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    There isn't any text below the link (as in see below the table). Did you mean "see the following link"? – Anthon Sep 28 '15 at 12:16

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