I need an RPM built for a specific minor version of RH, so that it only installs on that minor version (ex RHEL 6.4) and not on other minor versions like RHEL 6.6.

Also when rpm/yum installs this pkg on a platform it was not meant for (RHEL 6.6 in the example above), the installation should continue for the rest of the pkgs to install.

I looked over /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc but I could not find anything that I can use.


With the rpm %pre script (see http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/s1-rpm-inside-scripts.html) you can check the system before the rpm installation (for exemple the /etc/redhat-release file). But I do not think you can do more than make the installation fail.

A possible way to just skip installation on unwanted system is to build the rpm in a way that the installed files are put in a temporary folder. Then the %post installation script can check the system version and if needed copy the file to the right location. You'll have to make sure that the un-installation also behave correctly by using the %preun or %postun scripts.

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You could put a Requires: for your redhat-release package, with a specific version, say, 6.4.

I'd check all the metadata for the redhat-release RPM, and see what's appropriate

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