I am currently configuring an apache web server, and have Apache 2.2 with SSL, svn at https://myhost/svn/repos/myrepo1 and https://myhost/awebsite with suPHP ready. https://myotherhost/ also exists at the same IP address.

The problem is as follows: I have the website https://myhost/ confined to /home/myhost/public_html with Apache's VirtualHost and DocumentRoot, and I need https://myhost/websvn/ to reside in a different directory (/home/svn/public_html/websvn/) and belong to a different Linux user. Since this second URI is also on the host myhost its DocumentRoot is applied by (su)?php and I get the following 500 error:

SoftException in Application.cpp:221: File "/home/svn/public_html/websvn/index.php" is not in document root of Vhost "/home/myhost/public_html"

I suppose one way to avoid this would be to disable checking (by setting check_vhost_docroot=false in suphp.conf), which I do not want for security reasons.

So: Is there a way to change suPHP's DocumentRoot for a given Apache Alias e.g. via <Directory> directives? I have tried and found nothing even after a lot of searching.

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