I have fasta files, coming from different samples eg: 01.fasta, 02.fasta, etc.

All of them contain OTU list with the following pattern:



I would like to add the file's name (eg. 01, 02, etc) to each >OTU* line in the fasta file to receive the following: >OTU1_01, >OTU2_01, etc.

Can you help me write a script that automatically does it for all files in my folder?


Make sure you have a backup of your files before starting to change them all

You can run something like the following:

for i in *.fasta; do nr="${i%.fasta}"; sed -i 's/^>OTU\(.*\)$/>OTU\1_'$nr'/' "$i"; done

if you have a version of sed that supports -i (in place editing).

The nr="${i%.fasta}" part gets you the number from the filename. The \(.*\) matches the number after >OTU, which then gets reinserted with \1


gawk 4.1.0 onwards, an in-place editing option is available. So in one fell swoop

awk -i inplace -v INPLACE_SUFFIX=.bak '
  BEGINFILE{x=FILENAME; sub(/\..*/, "", x)};
  /^>OT/{$0 =$0"_"x};
  {print}' *.fasta

will update files as needed in-place. -v INPLACE_SUFFIX=.bak causes original files to be backed up with a .bak suffix

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